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      I was approched last week by someone that saw a bell that I had on my porch. Its a Meneely with probably a 20″ to 23″ diameter on it and its really heavy. I found an old catalog online and it looks to be a church bell. Maybe it was replaced by a newer one at our catholic parish. I had no idea of the historical significance of these bells until I started searching the internet. A couple of questions I have are, is there some way I could get it appraised here in South Louisiana? Is there a big enough market (should it be too much for the buyer that stopped) for me to even go thru a process of selling it? Its been sitting there for a couple of years, and its actually in my way. I don’t want to just give it to this guy, but I don’t know what price to ask either. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

      I can also take pics of it, should someone be able to help that way.


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      Yes, Randy, please send pictures or post them on the forum. If you prefer, you can email them and I will post them on the forum for you. You can send them to me at


      Admin (Carolyn)

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      There are also a few bell sites out there that retail bells, including ‘old’ ones.

      A Google search for “Where can I go to buy an antique (or vintage) church bell” or “who buys used church bells” should pull up a few for you.

      They will give an idea of the market price.

      Just a thought!


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      A rough rule of thumb is $100 per inch diameter for a bronze bell. Some bells are unique or rare and are worth more than others. There are several sellers of refurbished church bells. If you are interested in selling, you might want to look at . Bob Brosamer buys, refurbishes, and sells Bronze Church Bells.
      Harry Long, MD

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