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      Hello! I’m new to this forum and the ABA. Does anyone have knowledge about the WWII era bells made with Herculoy – from what I can find, it was a tradmarked, proprietary alloy that was popular during the late 30s and 40s… These weigh 80-250 lbs/each and are about 12-17″ tall with 15-20″ mouth diameters… Thanks!

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      Hello Adriennec,

      This is certainly a very interesting bell. I have never seen anything quite like that before. Where did you come across this bell?

      In doing a quick search I see that Herculoy is a high-silicon bronze that is very similar to the same type bronze that is used for casting bronze statuary. It actually works quite well for bells as well, I cast a small bell recently using a silicon bronze and it sounded very nice.

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      Thanks, TVerdin!
      We purchased this (and a few others similar) from a private collection but most of our salvaged bells come out of ship breaking yards around the world that we visit once a year… http://www.piecesofship.com/bells.htm
      These US made pieces are rare for us, though…
      Thanks for the reply!

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      Tried to submit this update a couple weeks ago but it did not seem to take… Turns out this is a buoy bell – it was positioned inside a floating navigational buoy and had gongs built inside the buoy frame – around the rim of the bell – which would strike and sound the bell with the motion of the waves! Super cool!

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