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      Hi everyone :]

      I stumbled accross this bell in my parents house. My mother told me a Dutch family that escaped the Nazis used it to pay rent to my great grandparents because they had no money. I can’t find any similar pictures of it anywhere online. It has a suit of armour and a British shield and the inscription reads F Hemony Me Fecit Anno 1669. Any ideas?


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      Welcome Awuja!

      If you look at the blue bar at the top, and go to the right side you will see a search box. Type in “Hemony” and click Search.
      You will see a lot on these bells.

      Yes, this is one of the known styles of the ‘Hemony’ bell, and they have a long (abet checkered) history. You will need better photos etc. to be able to tell how recent a copy this is though.

      In a nutshell, The Hemony Brothers were a famous bell maker, but only made large bells in about the 1600’s. Well after they died these small bells started showing up on the market listing dates before and after when they lived, as the less scrupulous manufacturers tried to cash in on the famous quality of the Hemony’s! As far as I know, there are no known small bells actually manufactured by them though.

      You have the ‘turbaned Knight’ style. there is also the ‘wandering minstrel’ , ‘bear and shield’, ‘old hag’, ‘young warrior’, ‘mythical bird’, ‘goatee man’ and ‘sad faced queen’ styles. The ‘old hag’ and ‘goatee man’ (He’s in a very fragile hat that is often broken) seem to be the most common to turn up.

      But look through the articles on this site, there is quite a bit of information on them!


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