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      Long story short, I was given this bell by an oldtimer who told me his brother bought it in New England in the early 1930’s. He told me that it was “really old back then”. Just wondering if anyone could share some information they might know about this bell. I have really good pictures that I can email you if that will help. Its cast iron from what I can tell, somewhat heavy probably around 60 pounds. On the bell’s top piece which has the pull it reads:

      *Frederick 4&42 Town . Ohio

      On the bell rim is cast 4 1/2

      One note: the “2” in the 4 & 4 2 is cast as a superscript which is smaller then the “4” and raised.

      Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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      Neil Goeppinger

      Bende, A photo would be a big help, along with the diameter of the mouth of the bell. There were two Fredericktown bell firms, with slightly different spellings, and from different states. The Frederick Town Bell Co was in Ohio (I don’t know the town), and the Fredricktown (one word) firm was in Corry, PA.

      I really know very little about either firm. I have a small pre Civil War church bell by one of them, and there is a 40″ diameter bell by the Ohio firm in the town square of Panora, Iowa.

      I’m guessing the numbers were the firm’s method of indicating size so the proper bell hanging parts were matched to the proper bell. In farm (also called “dinner”) bells, it was common to have four sizes, 1 through 4, but there was no standardization from firm to firm, so a size 1 couple be a different diameters. Also, at some firms, a size 1 was their smallest, and at others it was their largest. The sizes were usaully around 12″, 14″, 16″ and 18″ diameter of the mouth.

      Please send a picture. My e-mail address is goepp@willinet.net
      — Neil

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      For what it’s worth..
      I have recently seen, not one, but TWO “Frederick Town” bells with “4 1/2” cast into the bowl that measure 17 3/4 inches and 17 7/8 inches.
      That was an old post I know, but I just saw them!

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