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      Last week the Massac County IL Sheriffs Office recovered a stolen church bell. The bell has been returned to the church but now we have to start with the charges on the ones who stole it. In 40 years of Law Enforcement this is my first stolen church bell. Im needing some general information( history) about this bell and some idea of what its worth for the actual charge. The bell weighs 461 pounds and by its color looks like bronze or brass. It is 22 inches high and 84 inches around the skirt. There are two inscriptions on the bell, on one side it says Buckeye Bell Co. 1872, and on the other side says Vandusen & Tift, Cincinnati.

      The bell appears to be in excellent condition with no cracks or dents. The clapper is still on the inside but I could not turn it over to photograph the inside( to heavy). Any info or help about this will be greatly appreciated.

      Massac County Sheriff
      Ted Holder 618-524-2912

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      Good luck with your investigation!

      I would contact This Company and see if they can help. They specialize in buying and selling exactly what you have recoverd.

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