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      I recently inherited an old cast iron “No. 2″ bell (about 16” in diameter at the base) which belonged to my grandparents in mid lower Michigan – they bought a farm in the late 1940’s, which included the bell, probably original to that farm, which was built in the late 1800’s. Other than the “2” at the top of the bell, there are no manufacturer markings that I can see through all the coats of rusting paint – the only other markings are on the upright yoke / bracket (not sure the correct term?) which has “2 3 & 4” – two three ampersand four. I know it’s not a lot of information, but any clues to it’s origin / manufacture / history to this family heirloom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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      Can you please upload a photo/photos?

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      Willie B. Herd

      Without more info, I’m guessing that it’s made by C.S. Bell Co. in Hillsboro, Ohio.

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      Can someone please help me to get information on how to make a historical site of an 1876 W.T. Garratt Bell once it is installed at our church. It was donated to us and
      I have seen other W.T. Garratt bells posted on the internet as a historical site. This is a large bell that is 15″ tall and the same across. I do not have a lot on it’s history yet, so
      I would appreciate any help I can get. This bell was made in the San Francisco foundry and the name of the company and the city is stamped right on the bell. The was made of copper and
      tin, I have been told by one of the descendants of the Garratt Family. This bell will be located in Northern California and the other bells I have seen on the internet are in Northern California.

      We also would like to know the value of our bell, if anyone has information please let me know.

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