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      Hello I bought this bell by it’s attraction, perhaps because I use to ring the church bells years ago, anyways I was wondering if anyone has any idea where it came from please? It maybe from Belgium circa 1950’s, I was also wondering about it’s value to a collector.
      I am just sussing out how to put some pics up, it’s 5″ tall and just over 3″ bell diameter with handle all in brass with Mathew Mark Luke and John and lion, eagle,dog and person decorated around it.

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      Welcome Retro!

      Sounds like you have an evangelical bell (do a search for it on this site!) from your description.
      We really need some photos to help, as you will see from the search hits, that there are many varieties and quite a number of copied bells of this nature.

      Did you test with a rare earth magnet to make sure that it isn’t plated iron?


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