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      My Lodge acquired an old church that had o have the bells removed. There are three bells the information I have on the Bells are as follows:
      They are cast steal and were made by Blymyer Bell C Bell Co. All of the have a small brass plaque with their name and the date 1899.
      Each bell is mounted on the original mortice and tenon wood base.
      The two larger bells have wood wheel (sorry don’t know the proper terms) and the smaller one is metal.
      There are no missing or broken parts from what we can tell
      They each have the metal “A” frame and yoke.
      The largest is 40″ with a clapper and a tolling mallet mounted on the H frame and a 52″ wheel
      The second is 32″ with a clapper and 36″ wheel
      The last in the set is 24″ with a clapper and 23″ wheel.
      Having said all that we would like to sell the bells but have no clue to what the value would be.
      I have lots of pictures but will just try to upload one or two.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      List them on eBay starting at one thousand with several photos, an accurate description, and “local pickup only” unless you are willing to deliver. In a week you will know their value. American-made steel bells are not rare. Hundreds of thousands were cast by a number of foundries in the 19th and 20th centuries. The market for tower bells of any kind is limited due mostly to the difficulty and cost of moving them. Your’s sounds like a nice set. Perhaps displaying them somewhere in the community would be an easier option than selling.

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      Here are some pictures of the bells

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      huge bell

      try nrbells@frontiernet.net
      he buys large iron bells and will pick them up

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