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      I saw a bell recently on ebay and they claim it is 190 years old.

      It is described as follows: VERY ORNATE SOLID BRASS Dated “1818” on one side.. with a Floral Bird Feathers Motif… AWESOME PETINA~.. VERY HEAVY Approx 5 Pounds~!!….Stands 6-1/4″ Tall to tip of Odd Handle/Hanger.. Bell has a 4-1/2″ Diameter opening.

      Just wondering if I passed up on a great buy. I think it sold for about $75. Does anybody know anything about it?


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      I’m not sure where I saw it, it’s been a while.

      However I believe I recall an article about this very bell design and how there are a lot of fakes of it being sold to deceive for profit. Unless you know what to look for, be very careful of it.

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      Hi Bellman, you have a bell that belongs to a group of bells that I have been researching for years. They first appeared in the USA around the 1950s in Chicago. They range in size from 2 inch high to over 18 inches and the dates range from 1806 to 1821. They are still made in at least two locations in Mexico and are big sellers to the tourist trade. The large looping crown is made from bent solid bar and secured to the top of the bell, after the bell was cast. Probably chemicals were put on it to age the surface. These are found almost every month in one size or another. What are they worth? only as much as you pay for it.
      Max Kurillo

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      Hi, You were very wise to pass on this bell. Lora

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      Ha! i notice that yet another one of the same design is being advertised on e-bay right now !

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