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      [attachment=2:tlpg95p6]Antique bell 004.JPG[/attachment:tlpg95p6]

      [attachment=1:tlpg95p6]Antique bell 005.JPG[/attachment:tlpg95p6]

      [attachment=0:tlpg95p6]Antique bell 007.JPG[/attachment:tlpg95p6]

      If you need more pics or pics of a certain part of the bell, let me know. Thank you so very much for your help!!! 😛

      P.S. The yoke was not with this bell when it was purchased. The bar going across the top of the bell is welded to the stem of the bell. We guess it was so it could be carried ❓

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      Thank you so very much! I have to check with my brother to find out about the clapper and the “cam” you referred to. I’ll place a new posting when I have that information. I’ll also check with him on the actual diameter. Thanks again!! 😛

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      The bell looks like a locomotive bell and is probably less than 100 years old. The stainless steel bracket is home made and not original hardware. The fact that it is welded to the crown of the bell is unfortunate and detracts from the value of the bell, but does make it possible to ring it if you can build “A” frame brackets for it to rock on. It would have been better if the bracket were bolted to the bell.
      Harry Long, MD

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