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      Folks I had posted back in 2009 soliciting general information on an iron bell I procured at an auction. I have since retired and wanted to once again explore some economical suggestions for mounting options for this piece of history. I had seen some members who had some success with aluminum casting? What size bell is this or is it custom? I will be looking for an upright, crank & clapper for the cast iron bell marked “Baltimore Plow Co.”. Additionally it is marked with the letters “BP” & “C”. It is 17″ an the bottom of the bell approximately 10 1/2″ tall and the distance across the yoke (inside dimensions for the upright) is about 18 1/2″. Please see attached photos!
      Thanks for your help.

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      The original uprights for the BP & Co. bells have a very unique shape, it will be difficult if not impossible to find one to fit your size bell. Your best bet is to try and find one of the old style straight uprights. There is one on eBay that is listed as being 18 1/2 inches wide. This may fit your bell.

      Hope this helps,

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      Its Baltimore Plow Co…These bells are kind of rare and you lucky to have one. They also had a different kind of ring compared to other farm bells.

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      Hi Did you ever find an upright? I make uprights from cast aluminum and spray them flat black. If i had a picture of a Baltimore Plow Co bell I could custom make one for you.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      nightflier51 had a solution for you. If it can’t be worked out through him, I have some “adjustable” cradles for dinner bells made by a bell foundry in Oskaloosa, Iowa. I could send you pictures of them. –Neil Goeppinger

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