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      I was so intrigued by this small bell chime today at a flea market. The seller told me that it was antique from Mexico, and that she believed it was a type of servant’s bell. However, I think it may be an altar bell, but I know nothing about bells. It’s bronze and about 7 inches tall. Does anyone have any idea as to what it might be? It would be much appreciated!!

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      Welcome! I see nobody has had a stab at this yet.
      I suspect it’s because we need a bit more detail if we could.

      What is the over all size of the bell structure?
      The size of the small bells (height / width)?
      Can we get a close up of one of the small bells, side and inside?
      What is the base? A bell? Hollow? weighted?
      (perhaps a photo close up of the base, inside and out please?

      At first glance, and without the details above, I would lean towards either a personal alter bell set or a family bell remembrance chime (each bell represents a family member) or, if it’s got a heavy enough base, a simple wind chime.

      But it’s very hard to tell without the additional information, unless one of us has come across a similar one before (and I have not, I admit!). So treat my guesses as they are, just a general guess currently.


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