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      hello all I have found a bell wile cleaning out a storage locker,I believe it is brass but am not sure it is 17inches in diameter and just as tall.
      it reads
      MONTREAL. 1838. WARD. & CO.
      I was wondering if it was possibly from the a ship or train?

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      While I can find no reference to Ward & Co as founders, “Large Bells of America”, Neil Goeppinger, lists under Foundries, “Ward, Batholomew and Brainerd” as founders on Main St, in Hartford Mass., which may correspond to the apparent Maritime nature of your bell.
      The bowl is the correct size for a ship (the “MONTREAL”??), appears cast of bronze (or brass) to resist salt damage, and the flat tang with single pin allows the bell to swivel on the axis perpendicular to the swing of the yoke, allowing the bell to remain upright and not roll or pitch with the ship which would cause constant ringing.
      Maritime bells are not my focus in collecting, but I hope my reading research will help in your search efforts.

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