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      I have had the privilege to have owned this small collection on bells given to me by my mother. They have no markings on inside and I have decided it is finally time to get rid of some of them.
      Those cute little blokes are porcelain


      Those are brass children
      If anybody could please help me asses the value of these bells, post below! Thank you

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      Oops! Looks like I wasn’t done with my bells. Here are a few more photos! Good luck!

      These are china by the way…

      These little fellas are Gorham and are from Japan

      These ones are small, they are an inch or so tall and they are blue

      These beauties are lead crystal! And from Italy! 😀

      Li’l Milkmaids
      Thanks for all your help, please help by posting any values you get by hitting the reply button! Good Luck! Thanks 😀 😆

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      So sorry! Turns out I had more bells laying around! Silly me!
      Anyway, here they come!

      Don’t tell anyone, but the bigger bell is actually a music box! Shh!

      Aren’t these just adorable?

      Turns out, I have a lot of crystal!

      The first one is Japanese. I think.

      Crystal again! That’s a gold rose on the far right.

      The one on the right is from Canada

      I really like the cute ones! 🙂


      Royal bells. These are of Diana’s wedding. (Actually just the one on the left is. The other one is for Prince William’s birth)

      The far right is an apple if you can’t tell.

      The red one is nice. The other one isn’t.


      If anyone can tell me the values, yet again, reply below! As always, have a happy holiday! 😆 😆

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      Carolyn Whitlock


      You have posted a lovely array of bells. Since you’re interested in selling them, it may be of help to you to go to our Frequently Asked Questions at https://www.americanbell.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=48. I suggest you read, “What should I know before selling my collection?” as well as “What is the Value of My Bells?” at viewtopic.php?f=20&t=48.

      Good luck!

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      They are fantatic! mnorton1 if You are selling them I could be interested in one of them:)

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