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      My brother located this bell at an auction from a vendor. The vendor did not know anything about the bell. He said that he did not know what it would be worth or even where it came from. The only markings on the bell are two dates of 1647 engraved on either side atop of the bell itself. The clapper is intact, but rusted. We believe it is made of bronze. It weighs approximately 110 – 125 lbs. and has a diameter of at least 14 – 18″. Can anyone give us any information on what kind of bell this could be and what it may be worth? Thank you so very much! 😛

      [attachment=2:ezwlcivv]Antique bell 001.JPG[/attachment:ezwlcivv]

      [attachment=1:ezwlcivv]Antique bell 002.JPG[/attachment:ezwlcivv]

      [attachment=0:ezwlcivv]Antique bell 003.JPG[/attachment:ezwlcivv]

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      Neil Goeppinger

      First, the 1647 is not a date. The bell is likely post 1900 based on the shape. You are correct, it is bronze. Bells this size were used for factories, bridges, river boat landings, etc. It has been seperated from its original mounting hardware so we can’t tell what type of mounting it had, which would be a tip off as to it’s origianl use. For a minimum value, go on the internet and get the current price of bronze per pound, then weigh the bell. With no mounting hardware, it could be hard to sell. Another place to get a value would be to call the Verdin Co in Cincinnati as they usually put their own mounting hardware on bells, so they might be willing to pay more for it. They mount bells in clock towers for shopping malls, etc. They are a large reputable firm. — Neil

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      This looks like a Pennsylvania Railroad steam locomotive bell. They had the flat top like your bell. The standard PRR bells are 16 1/4″ diameter and about 80 pounds. The locomotive number 1647 stamped into the bell would be from a 4-4-2 steam locomotive built April 1914. Many of the PRR bells also have the letters JN stamped on the top for Juniata Shops or AMS for Altoona Machine Shop.

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