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      Here’s an interesting 6 inch tall hand bell with a 3 inch mouth. It only holds a very strong magnet and then only slightly. The clapper is also cast of the same material.

      What makes it interesting (at least to me) is that it was all cast in one piece. The inside is fairly rough and there is no seam for the handle which appears solid. There is an iron eyebolt screwed into the bottom through the handle (probably accounting for the slight magnetic attraction), but as you can see, the handle to the bell is seamless.

      I have not seen a bell this size that did not have a separate handle before. Smaller ones yes, but not a 6 inch one.

      One side of the handle, near the bottom, shows a casting imperfection (like the mold was slightly malformed by this time).

      It is quite heavy for it’s size and the bell itself is quite thick.

      Appears to be quite utilitarian, I am guessing something like a hotel bell boy bell.

      Any idea of manufacturer?


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