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      First, let me begin by saying that I know virtually nothing about bells and I appreciate any information that can be provided.

      This bell used to belong to my great granddad and I am trying to find out more information about it. On the front of the bell it reads “HART HARDWARE CO. 4 LOUISVILLE KY.” The back of the bell reads “NO. 4 YOKE 1886”. Lastly, on the inside of both supports reads “NO. 4 UPRIGHT 1886.

      I was able to find very little on the manufacturer and saw a few bells that were NO. 1, NO. 2 and NO. 3 but couldn’t find an image or even a mention about the NO. 4 version.

      Can someone help shed some light on the history of this bell?

      Thanks in advance

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      This is undoubtedly another example of what we would now call “private label” manufacturing by the C.S.Bell foundry in Hillsboro, Ohio. The date of 1886 is not a date of manufacture, but almost certainly the year in which the foundry’s patterns were redesigned. However, it does provide a “not earlier than” date for your bell.

      The Hart Hardware Company of Louisville was formed in the early 1880s by Louis W. F. Hart, who had already been in the hardware business there for a few years. Two sons, as well as a brother and a nephew, were involved in the company, either as officers or as employees. Louis W. F. Hart Jr. was a partner in 1900, but died of tuberculosis in 1901. Louis Sr died in 1903, and the company was dissolved. Louis Sr and Louis Jr were both survived by their widows.

      So the latest your bell could have been made would be 1903.

      Incidentally, the supports on your bell are reversed. The lettering should be on the outside, not the inside.

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      Thanks for the quick reply and the in-depth information. I will definitely swap the supports before I put it on the post. Having said that, should I try to clean the bell up and repaint it or just leave it as is?

      Thanks again!

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