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      jeff Bell

      Wonder if someone can help me identify location and dates of operation for a large bell foundry named,” Harrison and Davis”. Believe company was not of New England. Around 1870, Harrison and Davis was purchased by Hiram Veazey (1816-1889) of East Hampton, Ct.

      Veazey and White Co. (1865-1882) were the only foundry in East Hampton to produce large church bells. Hiram had been in the small bell casting business since 1840. He manufactured the usual bell product line of sleigh, hand, door, cow and ship’s bells. In 1882, Hiram sells all interest in his foundry to Starr Brothers Bell Co. They choose not to include large bells in their product line.

      Believe Harrison is James Harrison. He was living in East Hampton when granted a patent for a large bell ringing mechanism.(ref. patent no. 139147 of 05-20-1872). At this time, nothing is known about Mr. Davis.

      Do appreciate any assistance.

      Jeff Bell

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      Neil Goeppinger

      Jeff, I have never heard of this foundry, although I do know about Veazey and White. Do you know of the existence of a large bell by Harrison and Davis, and if so, how big is it, and if you don’t mind shareing, where is it located? I’m always eager to add new firms to my list of foundries in the U.S. which made large bells. — Neil Goeppinger

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      jeff Bell

      Gracious Good Day Neil,

      Research results:

      1. James Harrision (1815-1879) was born in Burslem Staff England. He
      came to the U.S. around 1851. In 1860 he is living in ward 9 of Troy,
      NY, a bell moulder. By 1870 he’s in Chatham, CT working for
      Veazey and White. Would assume Harrison and Davis were operating in
      the Troy area sometime between 1860 -70. Do not know location of
      any of their bells.
      2. During my resaerch last month, saw a Hooper Bell of 1859 at the
      Waltham Industrial Museum in Waltham, MA. Bell was in mint condition.
      Do you have it on your list?
      3. Also found a very interesting artical about history of Newport, RI’s
      Trinity Church bells starting in 1704. Article is by Dr. Arthur H. Nichols
      of Boston. Would you like a copy?

      Have a great day,

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      Neil Goeppinger

      Hi Jeff, Sorry, I’ve been busy with business items and haven’t been visiting the ABA web site. Yes, I would love a copy of the article about the R.I. bells from Newport. I have a bell by Fuller made in Providence.

      Also, you mentioned you saw a bell by Hooper. I also have one by that firm as well (Henry N.Hooper). They were one of the foundries which traced their linage back to the Paul Revere foundry. Nice to hear from you. — Neil

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