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      One of the members of our organization came upon an old bell at a garage sale. It looked terrible but it rang so we use it to call members to attention at our meeting and get togethers. I decided to clean the bell and it looked better. I took some brasso to it and holy cow it was beautiful! We would like to find a reputable company that could engrave the bell with our organization’s name and have it shined up really nice. We thought we could have it lacquered or whatever to keep it looking nice. Can anyone give me the name of or information about a reputable company? I did an internet search but did not find a company that serviced hand-held bells, only ship bells. Thank you!

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      I suggest you clean the bell yourself, buff it up real nice by hand, then apply beeswax on it to keep it from tarnishing. Laquering will not be a good idea. Also is that bell happens to be an antique, you really do not want ot engrave on it, just order a nice plaque for bell to rest on with your company name on the plaque.

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