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      Hello Everybody!

      I am Marcelo Durruty, 48, backyard bronze bell caster (well, at least that is what I would like to be in a near future 😀 )

      I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

      My plan is to start casting bronze bells as a side business. I’ve been doing some research and testing in the past and in a 0 to 10 scale I would say that I hitted the 4. I am attaching a picture of one of my early castings. Just a 2.5″ dia proof of concept bell.


      I’ve been trying to find the equation of the bell shape, with no luck at all. I’ve read George Elphick’s “The craft of the Bellfounder” where you can find some bell profiles, but no equation (or method of calculation) to draw a profile from scratch given a certain diameter. I’ve downloaded a method by John Nystrom but it’s more about how to scale a given shape.

      I’ve scanned the bell profile and convert it to vector drawing, so as to scale it without losing definition. But, again, I would like to have a more cientific approach to bell design. I’ve found a page here http://www.lucytune.com/bellelements.html where you can guess that all the diameters and thicknesses have been calculated somehow.

      I’ve researched this forum under “formula” and “equation” and find nothing.

      ¿Any help?

      Thank you so much in advance (and excuse my english).


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