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      I have a 28″ Goulds school bell and have a couple of questions. Shold a person wire-brush the otside to remove the green growth on it? Also, When it was taken down from the school years ago, the pully/am or whatever was broken. Is there somewhere i can get a picture of what it looked like, or does someone have one lying around?
      Thank you, Roger

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      Willie B. Herd

      Sand blasting is best IF the bell is made of steel. Try a plastic-bristled scrub brush first, the steel bristles may scratch a BRONZE bell, and WILL scratch a brass bell. (Whatever U use, test a small spot on the inside first.)

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      I have a no 33 Goulds bell. The closest thing I could direct you to is an article on search Go to “Bell comes down at Grace Center. It is a pic of a Rumsey&Co church bell no 8 which is the same shape and size as my no 33 Goulds. Goulds made their church bells the same shape almost identical to Rumsey&Co of Sennica Falls. Your bell should have 2 stands and a 6 spoked spiral design in the wheel. Mine did not have the wheel but I plan to cast one out back this summer. I have made a wooden pattern for it.

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        I’m currently working for my town’s historical society and we have a Goulds 33 with no stand, no yoke, nothing, just the bell itself (not sure if we have the clapper or not). @nightflier51, did you end up creating a stand for yours? How did it go/what did you have to take into consideration?

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      Hi I got my bell from Lower Bells. You can get parts there to fit your bell. Wish I had a pic for you. I have McShane stands for My bell. It has original yoke. I have a McShane clapper and a tolling hammer from another bell. The no 33 sounds just like a Rumsey &Co No 8…Same size. They have a beautiful tone when rung. Go to search and type in Lower Bells Todd Lower can help you. I had to have a lift tractor to hoist mine up on a big strong stand in my back yard. Here is something you may want to know. In the movie “Its a Wonderful Life” Seneca Falls Ny was the backdrop town for that famous Christmas movie. There is a museum there honoring the movie. Your bell and my bell was cast there in Seneca Falls. The Rumsey no 8 at our church was also cast there. A tidbit you ought to know.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      I agree with nightflier51’s advice. Todd Lower makes cast parts for a 30″ diameter iron bell, including a wheel and clapper which can be fit to other sizes of bells. A 33″ bell is close enough to a 30″ that the leverage from the wheel will be sufficient to ring your bell. Lower makes both cast iron and cast aluminum wheels. When painted you can’t tell the difference. The cast aluminum one is still plenty heavy and tough, so I would recommend it. I am not sure if the yoke he makes will fit your bell. Go to and take a look. Call him if you are still not sure. — Neil

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