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      Rick G. in California asks:

      I have an old bronze bell and I would like to know what it is for. It is almost 7″ tall and made of bronze. There are no markings that I can see. The detail is very fine. I appreciate any information. I never seen any bell like this before. Here are some photos. Thanks, Rick

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      This doesn’t look like it was originally made as a bell, but rather was a Art Nouveau statue that was made into a bell by someone with some imagination. The skirt is a bit thick for a bell with any sound quality.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Leaving aside the question of whether it was originally made as a bell, I would date it as Art Deco, c. 1920-1930, probably from Austria. A bell of similar design by Peter Tereszczuk sold for 800 euros in the Anselm Lange auction in Hannover in 2004. That same bell was resold in Munich in 2008, but only fetched 275 euros.

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      halanb sends:

      I purchased this bell when it was listed on eBay recently. The first picture shows a closeup as supplied by the seller. The second picture shows a similar photo after removal of dirt and old lacquer with 0000 steelwool and lacquer thinner. The metal turned out to be an occasional but unusual choice for table bells – called Red Brass in the USA and Italian Bronze in Europe.

      Both brass and bronze are mostly composed of copper, with one or more additives. If the second most common metal is zinc, usually 5-40%, then the alloy is called brass. If the second most common metal is tin, usually 5-20%, then the alloy is called bronze. Red Brass is composed of 85% copper, 5% zinc, 5% tin, and 5% lead, so technically it could be considered either brass or bronze.

      The skirt flares out at the base giving the appearance of thickness, but the metal is actually just over 1/16″. As far as I can judge, it was originally made as a bell.

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