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      I learned a good deal from this forum and thank those collectors who responded.
      Along the way I shared some of that info, while collecting at least 3 dozen cast steel bells including a No36, 2 No 34s
      a 33, several 32s and 30s on down to numerous 24s and 20s. Restoring and mounting allowed others to put them back into use from museums, in CO and ID, to barn steeples in OR and recreated schoolhouses in MA and NY.
      Now down to eight large bells the collection has been thinned as age takes its toll, pun intended.
      Thanks for the sharing. I lament the diminished involvement and participation and sharing of valuable info.
      Goodbye forums

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      Neil Goeppinger

      Sorry to have you leave, but I am going through the same thing. We just sold our home and I am now moving my collection to a warehouse. The collecting is more fun than the disbursal, but the hobby has brought me much enjoyment just as it has you. There is simply no sound like the sound of a church bell.

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      A special THANKS to you, Neil, and all you shared.
      Your book will keep me in good company.
      Thanks again.

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