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      I’m surprised that there isn’t as much attention and wealth abounding in cyberspace for train bells as there are for train horns? Glad to have found this site, and sure it will be of great help. What I enjoy is Microsoft Train Simulator. And over it’s 12 year existence has developed some great virtual models and routes of railroading all over the world. I’ve always enjoyed trains, but never really knew that much about them until recently. IE; the differences between a F40 and a F59, what the heck a Shay is, and why a Heisler is so much different, etc. My background is in electronic music and production, and have been applying my tools and talent to making sounds of these virtual trains more professional and prototypical as they currently or historically exist. At first, it was just trying to find a good YouTube video of say a passing CN freight train at a noisy crossing on a windy day with the camera guy commenting and hooting as it went by – and trying to extrapolate anything from that was no easy task! But since, I’ve discovered many ‘horn fans’ that have collected, restored and/or operate current models to classics in a backyard to quiet open field. And from a producers point of view, these are absolute gold to work with!
      Yet, I can barely find anything on locomotive bells in this regard?

      Is there a site, individuals or clubs that put up fairly decent audio and/or video examples of different locomotive bells being rung realistically either indoors or out?
      My audio work is strictly non-profit (shame that it be) and I try to credit all sources and references in any work I release to the sim community. So any assistance and direction that can be afforded here to me would be greatly appreciated.

      Here’s a small example of what I do and how I do it…

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