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      How awesome is this place? I found the bell but without resources like this I’d be done at that point! Many Thanks!!!

      I think it’s solid brass, it has its own post stand and solid brass finial top. Im not home so all I have is a weak magnet and it’s doesn’t stick. I’m thinking it’s a fog signaling bell just because of where I got it, he was a big boat guy.

      9″ across about 8″ high and it’s gotta be 20 nearly pounds

      Large H stamp (inside) is all I can see on the bell, looks pretty old.

      Any idea of age?

      Does polishing devalue these bells?

      Was it a ship bell?

      Who marked their bells with an H?

      Any idea of value?

      I only found one bell online with a center post mount and finial top. Seems kind of unique?

      Thanks a bunch!!!

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      Bell is painted black inside and looks largely undisturbed.

      The large capital H is at 7 o’clock in the 4th picture.

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      Found in Central NY, if that helps?

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      I believe what you have is an antique fire bell from about 1910. They mounted on the front of the fire truck, at the radiator cap area, or on a side bracket, or on the ‘dash’ in front of the passenger. Have a look at a few trucks of that era and see what you think!

      Nice find!

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        Wow, sure looks about right to me thanks so much. Have you ever seen an H stamp?

        I see bells like this from early 1910 to 1940’s I wonder how I can date it a bit more accurately?

        I wonder does polishing increase or decrease the value?

        They are reproducing a bell similar to this and charging $985 here: http://www.brosamersbells.com/fire/index.html

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