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      Marcels Bells

      Hello there,

      Our pastor Father Marcel has given us a task of selling his collection of 2000 antique bells that he has collected for over 30 years. We are looking for history and information on bells, and any pricing guides. Can anyone help direct us to the proper outlet, and in your opinion, what would be the best outlet to sell these bells? e.g. – eBay, auction, antique show, etc. I have viewed some of his bells and he has a large variety.

      Your valuable input would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank-you kindly.

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      Dear Marcel’s Bells,

      I have a few of suggestions that may help you.

      1.) There is a wonderful article about “Breaking Up a Collection” that you might want to read. It isn’t about bells but the information is universal. You can find it at

      2.) The New England Chapter of ABA collects donations of souvenir bells (bells with names of places visited) and gives them to school classes that are studying U.S. geography. The idea is to encourage children to do better on their “state” reports by having something that came from that state. Souvenir bells, for the most part, have very little value (only sentimental value) and are often hard to dispose of. So this is a good way to “recycle” them. Should you decide you would like to donate the U.S. state or city souvenir bells for this purpose, please contact me at to get the name and e-mail address of the person in charge of this program.

      3.) The American Bell Association publishes a bi-monthly newsletter for its members. The ABA does, in fact, accept ads from non-members who would like to sell a collection. This is where you’ll find your best target audience. There is an extra fee for non-members. If you have an interest in placing an ad, please contact contact me at to get the name and e-mail address of the person in charge of advertising.

      4.) The American Bell Association does not offer appraisal services nor does it recommend appraisers.

      5) I suggest you read our artlicle “What is the value of your bells?” at

      6) Perhaps one of the highest regarded books about the history, identification, and information on bells is L. Elsinore Springer’s Collector’s Book of Bells. You’ll find a list of books that give opinions of values on the website linked above.

      I wish you success in selling or otherwise disposing of your collection.


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      Marcels Bells

      Why, thank-you for the information. I was able to read the Railraodiana article last night and your book listing will be of much help. It seems I have much to learn about bells. I have seen some bells that were listed in Kovels in which my pastor possesses and I had no idea that they could be worth so much. I will definitely consider placing an ad in your paper as well.

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