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      Joan Elliott

      I’ve just purchased a glass wedding bell … the bell is blue, the handle clear, with 4 small red tapered knops at the top.

      The bowl of the bell has a small chip and I wondered if anyone could advise whether it is possible for this to be repaired.

      It only cost me £18 (approx $10) so I couldn’t leave it on the shelf 🙂


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      You can try a glass blower. If you don’t have one in the community, try a science department at a University. Most scientific laboratories and University Science Departments have them on staff. They can heat the chip to the point of softening of the glass resulting in a smoothing of the chip. The danger is in the cooling, as the glass can cool unevenly and create stress in the glass that can cause it to crack or shatter in the cooling process. They would probably have to cool it slowly by annealing the glass. A good glass blower should be able to do it right.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Joan Elliott

      Hello Harry

      Thanks for the suggestions. Will search for glass blowers in the area, but I expect there are very few in this neck of the woods. Will follow up your suggestion about science departments in Universities and see if they can help.

      Thanks again.

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      Kallie Bell Gal

      The suggestion of heating the bell is OK, but as a glass worker I would not want to go that route. I would think you should contact antique shops in your area. They should know of someone who will be able to buff the chip out and repolish the glass. This is done frequently on crystal glasses and vases. I’ve not tried it on a bell, but should work fine. Good luck.

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