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      Here is a bell I would like to find out more history on, if anyone out there has that information!

      What I find unusual about this bell, is that it comes with an ornate brass display stand.

      The bell itself is heavy glass, about 6.6″ tall and 3″ diameter.
      The top piece (harp) appears to be molded but the bottom shows horizontal striations in the glass consistent with being blown. (wavy like ripples in water)
      The harp/flowers appear to be sharper than pressed, so I suspect they were cut in afterwards.
      The stand is brass with a replacement screw holding the flower and wire stand to the base. It’s 5.5″ tall and about 2.75″ diameter. The rose flower acts like the nut holding the brass wire hanger to the base via a screw coming up through the bottom.

      I personally have not come across a bell on a hanger like this before. The handle between the harp and the bell appears to have been formed for just this purpose though.

      Anyone out there seen this one before?

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