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      Laura Quackenbush


      We recently came across a cast bronze bell inscribed” ” G.W. Coffin & Co. & Buckeye Foundry.”
      There is no date cast into the bell as seems to be the case in other Buckeye Foundry bells I learned about
      I cannot look inside the bell at this time–would there be additional information there?
      How or who might help in dating this bell? It may have been on a Great Lakes boat and abandoned in the late 19th or early 20th century.

      Thank you!

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      Laura: Photos of your bell would help. The bell’s interior will contain no information. The name G W Coffin appeared on Buckeye bells from the 1830’s until the early 1860’s. Most bore the year of casting, but not all. If it has a yoke (swinging bell) it probably was not used on a ship. Riverboats did use swinging bells.

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