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      I just purchased a 9 1/2in brass bell with the g.w.rr. co 1878 tag at a garage sale this morning. I was told it was researched on e-bay and it was worth at least 80.00 I negotiated it down some and came home to research it myself. I have found nothing on this bell . I feel I was taken and wripped off. Does anyone know anything about this bell. I wonder if it is even Brass at this point….I did see some info on this site from 2006 … anyone have any updates…..??


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      A picture would be most useful. This is probably a recent production that can be found with USN or various railroad initials engraved or cast into the bell. If so, it was likely made in Korea within the past 10 years. If it is truly a railroad bell of 1878 vintage, it is worth considerably more than $80.
      Harry Long, MD

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