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      We purchased this bell 15 years ago and have never given it any thought as to history or value. We brought it home, spray painted it black (SORRY) and attached to a post to serve as a doorbell by our front porch until recently, when we moved. We are ready to display the bell at our new home but due to the location we are concerned about it being attractive to passerbys.

      Looking for help in dating the bell and accessing value.
      Thank you in advance for sharing your passion on this great site.

      If the pictures did not load they can be seen at http://photobucket.com/froglegsjump

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      It’s a product of the Buckeye Bell Foundry in Cincinnati. George Coffin’s (company founder) name was cast into bells from 1837 until 1861. Most larger Buckeye bells have the casting year but smaller ones like yours usually don’t. Go to the search (above right) and enter Buckeye or Coffin for many postings. The clapper is original and the rope arm might be. The yoke was made by a different foundry in Ohio and the cradle was hand-wrought by another owner long ago. Yes, things like this are tempting to thieves. Better display it inside.

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      Given that the yoke is not original, it is highly probable that the clapper assembly is also not original.

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