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      I have a GH Holbrook bell. The casting shows “GHH 1841″ and appears to be about 18” to 20″ wide at the bottom. The yoke and hardware is all there from its removal from a building before 1966. I am familiar with the history of Holbrook bells from the forum and assume it was cast by the son on G. Holbrook given the date on the bell. The bell was removed by my grandfather from a building in Ipswich MA before 1966( that’s when he died) most likely from a demolition of a building. He was a contractor but was keen on preservation so he knew to hang on to a bell like this. It has been stored in the barn my whole life. I would like to know who bought the bell originally which may lead me to know where it hung originally. Does anyone have records from the Holbrook Foundry for 1841 that may indicate who bought the bell?

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