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      Good Morning,

      I hope someone can give my sisters and I some guidance. We have inherited a bell from parents and unfortunately we must sell it, to settle the estates debts. The bell says G.H. Holbrook 1827 MASS.

      It is 19.5 ” tall and 15″ in diameter. I have several pictures I could email to you.(I can’t seem to post them on this board)
      The Yoke is wood and in great shape. It came from a one room schoolhoouse in Bemis Heights NY which is about 1 mile from the Saratoga Battlefield Park. We have found an auction house in upstate NY that is willing to auction it in November, but we don’t know what to ask as a reserve. Any guidnce as to what bells like this have sold for in the past would be so helpful.

      Thank you!


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      This bell was manufactured by George Handel Holbrook who was the Son of the original Founder, George Holbrook, who learned the bell founding business under Paul Revere. This is a highly desirable bell and should bring a high price from someone who wishes to own a Holbrook Bell. Unfortunately, bells like any other collectible are only worth what someone is willing to pay. Most Bronze bells are worth about $100 per inch diameter at the lip, but this historic bell should be worth more than this. See the thread on Holbrook bells below or Google Holbrook Bell Foundry.
      HJLong, MD

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