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      Further to my query about a bell the Parish has used for decades but which has now been replaced, I am attaching two photos as advised. I trust these may assist in determing the provenance of the bell. It is cast bronze with a cast iron halter (I do not know the correct term!). The clapper extends a little below the bell. I realise I forgot to measure the width of the bell, but I would guess 18″ to 20″.
      Any assistance will be appreciated.

      To view the pictures of LuckyS’s bell, click on these links:

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      Your bell is attached to the “yoke”. If the pair of A frames (or stands) and rope wheel are missing if might affect your bell’s value to a collector but replacements can be had, either new or used, from bell-restoration specialists. I think you can start it at $1800 on eBay and get that easily, probably more. I advise against shipping it. Very costly to buyer and I don’t think shipping companies are always careful with such heavy items. Just my opinion though.

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      Bob Toran

      The tone of a bell has a magical quality and its tolling can elevate the human spirit and bring a smile to the face of all within its hearing range. Many bells have been rung in my lifetime each with its own separate memory tale.

      But, of late I have become enamored of one particular bell and am on a mission to acquire it at “any” cost within reason. Why should I become so possessed to acquire this particular bell is a question which I do not have the slightest inkling of an answer. When I am asked: “What do you plan to do with the bell once you get it? ” I am very hard pressed to think of a sensible answer except to say: ” I love the sound of it.”
      I have contrived an answer to the question just to end the questioning. I say I would like to obtain the bell and eventually to position it suspended between two oak posts and an arbor just to look at it and maybe ring it for lunch. 🙂

      The bell I am refering to was also cast by R.N.Hooper & Company, Boston, 1861 and inscribed upon the bell about midway from it’s base to the top is the inscription: “O Come Let Us Worship and Bow Down, Let us Knell Before The Lord Our Maker” The bell weigh in the order of 1,500 lbs. +/- and is cast in bronze. it measure approximately 3-4 feet in height. The current owner of the bell and I have been talking about my purchase of the bell and things are going slowly. In many ways the bell should stay right where it has rested since 1861 as for all those faithful church members who gave of their hard earned wages to purchase the bell my heart is troubled though they be peacefully resting in the adjoining cemetaries scattered about the neighborhood something tells me that they will roll over in their graves it that bell is moved one inch from the belfry. The widows mite helped pay for the casting and glorious tone of a heavenly ring. I do not want all of their beautiful spirits to be disturbed yet I do have a real craving to acquire that bell. Now, there is an awful lot more I could reveal in the telling of the whole story which I will save for another day. All I can say now is that if you could hear the sound of that bell your heart and spirit would be elevated and a beautiful smile would come over you.

      PS I climbed the belfry and rang the bell by pulling on the clanger five times or so until its full sound rang over the hills. The sound of the bell was so beautiful and full with a ringing that seemed never to end, it resonated for a minute or two as it came to a quiet and still mode.
      If you have any response to this tale of a “Bell Quest” please do not hesitate to offer your insights as it might provide some guidance for me in my pursuit of a holy grail.

      Sincerely yours, One wandering bell lover.

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      Rechecking the inscription on that bell would probably show that it was made by H.N.Hooper & Co. (H for Henry). For some information about that bellfoundry, see

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