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      From Joan Forman, who received this in a Google alert:

      NYC church plans rare ‘full peal’ for Obama
      January 13, 2009

      NEW YORK – Barack Obama and his message of change will get a ringing endorsement on Inauguration Day with 12 “change ringing” bells at a church near ground zero.

      The full peal, which lasts 3 1/2 hours, has rarely been heard in New York City since the bells were installed three years ago at Trinity Church in lower Manhattan.

      Jeremy Bates, a Manhattan lawyer and former Obama campaign worker, will be among the 12 skilled ringers who will pull on sturdy ropes in the bell tower to mark the occasion. He says change ringing expresses the joy of the community.

      Change ringing is far more common outside the United States. Most cathedrals in England have sets of 12 bells like the one at Trinity, which has the largest set of church bells in the United States.

      Thanks for sending this, Joan!

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