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      I have a French Flint Glass Bell that I’ve heard various values about. Mine is green glass. The finial is a circus elephant and the clapper is a peanut. Does anyone know what the going price would be for this bell?

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      French Flint Glass bells come in green, amethyst, and cranberry color, have a square base and have painted figures as a handle with a painted clapper that corresponds to the figure. I’ve seen them priced from $750 for one lacking a matching clapper to $1500 for a perfect bell with an unusual handle/clapper combination. If you are interested in selling yours, I would be willing to make an offer, but would like to see a picture. My home e-mail address is below.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Thanks for the information. I currently don’t have a photo but will get one taken and send it to you. I don’t have a large collection but I do have some unique bells and the Flint Glass one is one of my favorites. I’ve had it for nearly 20 years and it is in mint condition – no cracks or anything. I’ll try to get the picture taken and send it to you soon. Thanks again.

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