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      I just came into possession of a French Church Bell, I am wondering where to sell it And how to value it.
      It is from Nancy, France (right between the french and german border) and the inscription translated from french says
      “Made in 1853 by the Baraban Brothers in Nancy. The foundry I believe is no longer in existence. I have heard such bells can go for a lot of money. 21 inch diameter, weights over a 100 pounds in great shape, slight crack on top.

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      Dear Bellgirl6,

      Welcome to the “Bell Talk” Forum! If you go to viewtopic.php?f=20&t=624 (FAQs) you will find an article about the value of your bell(s).

      I would recommend that you post a picture of your bell as a whole and one of the slight crack on the top. Does the crack go all the way through the bell? Does it affect the sound of the bell when it is rung (does it sound like a “thud”)?

      If you need help posting the pictures, I will post them for you if you send them to me electronically.

      Where is this bell located?

      Good luck!

      Admin (Carolyn)

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      Thanks for the fast response!

      Here are 3 inscriptions and a good look at the bell! I thought it was iron but now I believe it to be bronze as the patina is green and orange rust colored and magnet doesn’t stick to it. Also has word Nancy in it. I had it translated. Made in 1853 by the Baraban Brothers. Weight is over a hundred pounds. 21in diameter.

      Located in Massachusetts.

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      I meant to add that it has no “clappers” so I don’t know about the thud noise and the crack is not all the way through

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      This is a beautiful bronze church bell. Many bronze bells were cast on site by itinerant bell founders although this bell is small enough to have been cast at a foundry and transported to the church. Could the Baraban Brothers have been an order of monks that commissioned the casting of the bell rather than the bell founders?
      Harry Long, MD

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      Wow that might be a great lead. I am also going to try local museum and library in nancy and surrounding “communes”.

      Around the top are these names “Ludmile, Eugenie, Catherine, Rose, Agnes”

      This bell has my whole family wondering. It’s great fun researching it.

      I’m not sure but I think they could of been from the “commune” or township of Bouxieres aux-chenes.
      From Internet Research-
      The Baraban bell maker from Nancy received by contract the bell of the former church dated from 1836. The new bells were requisitioned by the german authorities in 1917.

      From another internet article
      The bells of the old church were certainly been reused, an average 900-pound bell was blessed in 1754 to complete the set. In 1842 the brothers Baraban, founders, Nancy, and originating Bouxières, created a new Bell.

      Please keep feedback coming I am very new to all this and quite enchanted by bells now :)!

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