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      Hi!! I have just acquired a beautiful hand bell and was hoping someone could help in sheading some light on to its maker and age. The bell apparently came from an elderly French gentleman that stated the bell came from France and was over hundred years old. The bell top appears to be an eagle, falcon, hawk ( predator type bird ) holding a snake in its beak and talons. The whole bell scence appears to be an eagle atop a tree holding a snake because the scene around the bell gives the impression of a tree. The patina around the bell is even except understandingly where you would grasp it with your hand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      Hi Decka, Your bell is not French, it is Mexican. The eagle and the snake are in the Mexican national emblem, not at all typical of France. You have a Mexican souniver bell. This is a very crude casting the French would never allow such a thing to be sold. In circa 1950, the style of bell that you have was introduced in the U.S., since then hundreds of styles and types have come across the border. I have at least a hundred different pictures of these bells. Unless the person you bought it from has documented proof of it being 100 years old, I think you might consider my research on the bells. Please contact The American Bell Assoc. and get a copy of THE BELL TOWER, Volume 67, Number two, March – April 2009, there is an article you might consider reading tilted “Mexican” Type Souvenir Bells by Max Kurillo & Erline Tuttle. Dont feel to badly about not having a 100 year old bell, here in California some of our historic missions have these Mexican bells and at least one state park has one. In both cases they are steadfast in the ledgend that their bells are from the early 1800s or late 1770s. When asked about documented proof, their eyes get glaszed over and they walk away mumbling. You have a nice little bell enjoy it. Max

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      Thankyou for the information its greatly appreciated. The knowledge of ABA members never fails to amaze me and I enjoy being a part of it.

      Thanx again,

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      I have received another inquiry about this bell. This gentleman sent photos. I’m posting them in hopes that they will be of help to folks in the future who may be looking for the identification of this bell.

      Gil wrote:

      I have a very old handbell. Its top is an eagle with a snake in its mouth- eagle is 4 inches-the attached bell is 3.5 inches. The bell and eagle have a heavy age discoloration(blue).

      Thank you, Gil, for sharing your pictures!

      Admin (Carolyn)

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