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      Any information on the Fredericktown Bell Company would be appreciated. I have a bell made by that company (19″ diameter at bottom).

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      Neil Goeppinger

      I can’t tell you much about the firm. They were in Pa. and the earliest date I know the firm was in business was post 1900, but the shape of your bell is the pre-Civil War shape. In dinner bells, because the change in the shape of the bell didn’t improve the sound as much as in the larger bells, the change in shape sometimes wasn’t made until around 1880, but by then all iron bells had changed to the newer shape. Even if your bell was made as late as 1880, we can assume that since they were using the pre Civil War shape, the firm must have been started prior to 1865. I have no proof, just the evidence indicates that. — Neil Goeppinger

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      I also have a Frederick Town Bell. The bracket is marked C & D. What does that signify. Also, is there a particular book anyone knows about that would help me date our bell?

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      Foundries made bells in different sizes to give consumers a choice in price. Some makers used numbers to indicate sizes and some used letters. C&D means the bracket was designed to fit both those sizes of bells. This was probably a cost-cutting measure by the foundry. Both Fredericktown, Pa and Fredericktown, Oh had foundries that produced steel bells but there was no other connection between them. The Ohio foundry was established in 1851 and was the older of the 2.

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      Can anyone tell me where to get a crank for my bell which I believe to be a Fredericktown made farm bell? It was on my great grandfathers farm and I am now restoring for my farm to surprise my 90 yr old dad 😀 I have attached pictures of bell and arm where crank attaches.


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      Parts for old bells are not abundant. Most restorers keep the spare parts they have for their own projects. Print a photo of a complete farm bell (eBay is a good source) and take it with your bell to a machine shop. They should be able to design a rope arm easily.

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