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      Attached are photos of a fredericktown bell I have been lucky enough to aquire.i believe it to be one of the earliest Rankin bells because of the low percentage of metal on top compared to bottom, the big doorknob type clapper, and simple square mounting plate. I happen to live near fredericktown and know some facts I do not believe have been shared on here. Beside the pictures of my bell, I have also included pictures from a copy of a foote foundry catalogue depicting their farm bells and the 4 sizes available-15″’17″19″21″. This was from a foote foundry catalogue, fredericktown bells were not the fire foundry till mid 1880’s. My bell is 16″, and I have saw where others have posted on here that they have 16″ fredericktown bells (I believe these to be Rankin bells). Also on a side note, although fredericktown Foote quite bell production in 1910-they still allowed their employees to break out one bell mold a year and cast one bell for themselves,or family or friends.local examples I have viewed have the bell owners last name in raised lettering.i supposed so they are not passed off as 19th century cast bells,as well as a no cell personal touch.appreciate any supporting ideas or comments

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