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      I just picked up a Frederick town Ohio # 4 1/2 bell with the yoke and looking for any information on it. Info on the company, rarity, value, and how it would have been mounted (upright/aframe). It has the yoke and clanger, but no upright or aframe. Any companies that sell a reasonable replacement?

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      Randy: Go to the “search” here (above right) and enter Fredericktown or Foote. There are numerous posts. Farm bells are still fairly plentiful. Many hundreds of thousands, perhaps more, were cast by several US foundries. There was a time when nearly every rural home had one. Those with no damage or missing parts bring higher prices. Your bell used a cradle (upright) and was post-mounted. A good machine shop can make one to fit or a pair of A-frames, whichever you prefer. Sorry, I am not an appraiser.

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      The Foote Foundry is located in Fredericktown Ohio. The newest owners name is Thomas Updike. I don”t have the telephone number, but I know it”s listed. I was ther about 6-7 weeks ago in search of a clapper for my 1850″s Davis rankin bell. Davis Rankin was the original owner in the 1850″s, later sold to JB Foote and became the Foote foundry in the 1880″s. The new owner actually works at the foundry and can probably help you out.

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