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      I have been searching the Internet trying to find information on this bell. It used to belong to my grandparents and now my dad has it. On the yoke it appears to have the number 1. I have seen 2s, 3s, 7s, and others mentioned all over the Internet, but no 1s. The clapper, however, seems to have the #7 on it. I don’t know if the clapper was original with this bell or if the original clapper had to be replaced with the #7 clapper.

      I am guessing that the bell diameter is between 14 and 16 inches. It is currently mounted on an old 8″ diameter pole and appears to be about twice that diameter. There are no markings on the back side of the yoke.

      My dad had repainted this bell a few times before but it kept on rusting so the last thing he did was sandblasted and used auto body paint. It has been in this current condition for about 15 years. I am assuming that this probably significantly reduced the value of this bell.

      If anyone has any idea about this bell and can verify that there actually was a #1 cast and an approximate value, that would be great. I have seen a #3 going for $400 and a #2 going for $1200 on eBay that look to be in original worn condition.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Widget, if you go to the ‘Bell Talk’ Forum homepage at https://americanbell.org/aba-forum/, you will see a place where you can do a search for topics about bells. If you enter “Frederick Town Bells”, you will see there are some interesting postings about these bells. You will also discover that there is another company that made Fredrick Town Bells. Good luck in your search!


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