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      I was going to ask about this bell but happened to see another post and the replies concerning the bell with the 4 Evangelists(MAtthew, Mark, Luke and John). Thanks to Dr. Harry Long for all that info. I now know what this bell was used for and what the animals are and what they represent. Any idea how old this bell is? I assume it’s brass and it’s European because it belonged to an elderly French woman. It’s 3 inches tall and almost 3 inches across at the bottom. Thanks.

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      I think originally some of these bells may have been used as altar bells or for various ceremonies in a church environment.

      Since that time, they have also been produced as souvenirs and for collectors.

      Since metal bells are very durable, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference.

      The older ones tend to be bronze rather than brass and to be somewhat heavier, but there are many variations, so a provenance always helps.

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      This bell is heavy and appears to be from early in the 20th century. The artistic design is rather rough and reflects a lack of interest in detail by the founder. These bells were made in Belgium or France and were commonly sold as souvenirs although some of the early bells could have been used in the church as Sanctus Bells.
      Harry Long, MD

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      more photos. Some is the four evangelists bell we have.

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