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      Laura Quackenbush

      Seeking information on another maritime-related bell:
      The park has what is cataloged as a fog bell: “E.A. Williams & Son Bell Foundry, Jersey City, M.J., USLHE 1908”
      The diameter of the bell is 32 in.

      This one was probably used someplace along the Great Lakes. It is mounted in an angle iron “cage.

      I am seeking information on similar bells, a registry of these bells, how it was used, how sounded, whatever is known.

      Thank you,

      Laura Quackenbush
      Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

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      Laura: United States Light House Establishment. Is there or was there a lighthouse in the area? There’s probably information on the internet about the uses of the lighthouse bell or perhaps other members can offer input.

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      Perhaps you are referring to this bell, which I photographed earlier this year at Grand Traverse Lighthouse (though it never was used there):


      After visiting several other Great Lakes lighthouses, and finding a few other fog bells, I returned home with questions similar to yours. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any registry of fog bells; I wish there was. I did find that the U.S.Lighthouse Society (USLS) has a very detailed registry of American lighthouses; but those details don’t include fog bells or other fog signalling devices. I joined the USLS, and volunteered to help expand that registry to include details of fog signals. Unfortunately, the relevant folks in USLS don’t seem to be interested.

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