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      Florida Chapter Meeting – 4 Feb 2012

      If you were not there, you missed some good camaraderie, good food,
      and some excellent bells that attendees were invited to examine.
      Just to rub it in:

      Bronze violin player; Bronze & Ivory Pierrot figure by T. Ulrich w/ foundry mark.

      Dorflinger ABP cut glass; Splatter glass w/ zipper-cut handle.

      Bulldog mechanical; Pig mechanical (both original and in good working order).

      Vintage bicycle rider twist bell; Figural marriages by Don Murat (more at April meeting).

      Gong bell (muffin bell); Cruet set w/ bell by Meriden Mfg.

      Visiting snowbirds (not part of Bell & Tell {except for B.M.})

      Pix courtesy of ARF, Florida.

      WIMI Regional Meeting – 21 April 2012

      Okay, you missed the Florida meeting, but there is no excuse to miss WIMI.

      For details, see: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1393

      Saturday, April 21, 2012
      9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
      The Holiday Inn
      450 Main Street
      Dubuque, Iowa

      The day includes:
      Bell Sales
      Bell and Tell
      Bell Programs
      WIMI Meeting
      Bell Surprises
      Bell Friends and Conversation

      The bells below will be among those on display for you to lift, examine, ring, …

      Irish Cook, lost wax bronze, c. 1880; Silver figural, c. 1780; Bronze & Ivory lady, c. 1907.


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