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    Carolyn Whitlock

    Long-time ABA member Wayne Babbit presented a fantastic educational program about Flint Glass Bells at the 2017 American Bell Association International convention in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

    You may wonder, “What is Flint Glass?” With respect to glass, the term flint derives from the flint nodules found in the chalk deposits of southeast England that were used as a source of high purity silica by George Ravenscroft, c. 1662, to produce a potash lead glass that was the precursor to English lead crystal.

    Traditionally, flint glasses were lead glasses containing around 4–60% lead(II) oxide; however, the manufacture and disposal of these glasses were sources of pollution. In many modern flint glasses, lead oxides are replaced with other metal oxides such as titanium dioxide and zirconium dioxide without significantly altering the optical properties of the glass. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flint_glass

    Do you have any Flint Glass Bells in your collection? If so, would you please share pictures and information about them with the rest of us? Thanks!

    Here are a few pictures of Flint Glass Bells:

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    Thank you for starting this new forum with such an interesting article.

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    Carolyn Whitlock

    You’re welcome, Dave. My goal is to expose people to the many different kinds of bells! By the way, these bells are not mine. I found the pictures by doing an online search for Flint Glass Bells and/or French Flint Glass Bells.

    Here are a few more pictures of Flint Glass Bells:

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    Is there a market for selling French Flint Glass bells? If so, where is the best place to sell them?

    Thank you,
    Carol Fabarez

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    Carolyn Whitlock

    Hi, Carol,

    Yes, I believe there is a market for selling French Flint Glass bells. As you probably realize, they tend to be expensive so not a lot of people collect them although many people would like to have one in their collections!

    My recommendation would be for you to place an advertisement in The Bell Tower. If you go to and read the “Rules for Sellers”, you’ll get some good suggestions. On that same page, you’ll find an article entitled “The best I’ve read about selling a collection”. That should help, too.

    On our FAQ section: https://americanbell.org/blog/2015/01/22/selling-bells-what-do-i-need-to-know-to-sell-my-bell-collection/ , there is some good information, too.

    In our “Contact Us” section, you will find contact information for our Advertising Manager, Jim Cayey. He will give you advice on how to place an advertisement in our bi-monthly magazine and, of course, tell you the prices of different size ads.

    Hope this helps!


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