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      I have several Christmas and New Year bells but want to draw your attention to one of them. This bell is called “Five to Midnight”.

      It shows the time on December 31, the date and time that for regular Russians symbolize the final moments of the old year. For us the New Year is the main and the liveliest holiday of all. Not Christmas! Russian Orthodox Christmas is January 7 and it’s a religious holiday.

      I love this bell! It imitates the clock from my childhood. At that time, back in the 60’s we had only mechanical clocks (and watches). Not only “the face of the clock” but all knobs and buttons on the back are done artistically and look absolutely true to life.

      I wanted the clock to have a golden edging, digits of a simple pattern, small legs and a “metal” surface. The master fulfilled all my requests.

      The name of the master is Tatyana Slobodchikova. You can see her sign together with mine as a co-author.

      Dear bell friends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! In 2015 I’d like you to be healthy, wealthy and may all your wishes come true.

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      What a great story!
      Thanks for sharing!

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