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      Good evening folks, i “discovered bells” after volunteering to help aquire and install a chapel bell at our small church located in Knik Alaska.
      I say discovered because i had no idea how interesting and facinating this subject would be.

      We found a bell from an online vendor and had it sent north a month ago. As a retired Machinist (4 1/2 decades) i feel comfortable with the mechanical aspects of the project and all is going well at this point”

      The bell we purchased is a Chaplin- Fulton, crown top, 30 inch bronze bell and it sounds sublime!
      Casting inscriptions on that bell say Carroll Chapel 1908 and technology being what it is an internet search showed Carrol chapel to be located at Baylor university outside of Waco Tx.
      Another net search showed they had a fire in 1922 which damaged a portion of one building and looking at the pictures it appears to be a building with a bell tower.
      When rebuilt that building ended up becoming a library sans bell tower,and im trying to confirm whether or not the bell we now possess is that bell.

      I’ve been in touch with folks at Baylor and am still trying to confirm my suppositions.
      Along the way i’ve learned an awful lot about bells in general and am enjoying “the hunt”.

      Mike from Alaska

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      It’s not very common in fact only twice in my life have i joined a forum and gotten zero response! This was that second time!
      Im not sure if its a lack of interest on members part or what. Maybe snobby rudeness?
      At any rate im outa here, thanks for letting me in if only for a moment.

      I guess this is where you “toll the bell”, funeral style?


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      Mike, I am sorry you are disappointed in non-response of your post; I’m sure it is not “snobby rudeness.” There are large bell collectors who do post, so perhaps give them a little more time. I am not an expert, just a small bell collector. Sometimes, I too, am disappointed that there is not more activity here based on the number of members in the association; guess we are all busy elsewhere. I want to commend you for your interest and giving of your time to find and install a bell in your church. It does sound very interesting, and I hope you are able to determine its provenance. Adding pictures of the bell, crown, clapper, inscriptions, etc. would certainly help our large bell collectors to assist you in the discovery.

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      Well, Mike, I would have replied earlier but lack the previous post said, nothing personal! I just don’t log on all that often.
      I am your neighbor in Palmer, and I am curious how you shipped the bell up here. I have a very large bronze bell in New England that I would love to get up here- I haven’t looked into best shipping options but maybe you can give me some advice?
      And, I agree- bells are fascinating! My 1800s ancestors were bell makers and I have really enjoyed learning about them.
      Lynn Fuller

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      Neil Goeppinger

      I find both your posts interesting because I have bells by both Fuller and Chaplin Fulton in my collection. Neither firm was among the larger producers of bells, although a number of their bells still exist. You both have interesting and high quality bronze bells. I am getting ready to disburse my collection, so if you want another bell by your Fuller ancestor, let me know.

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