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      Carolyn Whitlock

      I have been doing some online research this afternoon and found a jewel of a website that shows photos of Fenton products that have been sold on QVC. There are 43 pages of products to flip through but there is at least one bell on most all of them! Not only is there a full color picture of the bell, each page gives the following data:

      Item Name
      Date Shown
      Mould Type
      QVC Item #
      Fenton Catalog #
      Retail Price

      You can find the beginning of this database at http://www.fentonfan.com/webdata/Thumbnails/Page1.html

      Happy researching!

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      I have been looking, off and on, at Fenton Bells after a new member posted a query on them here earlier.
      I managed to pick up 3 of them to start with, (I’ll be posting photos later), and I have been researching the
      company a bit since then.

      A couple sites I’d like to add to Carolyn’s post here are :

      This gives a nice thumbnail history

      And of course the Fenton site itself:
      If you click on “Fenton logo history” and “Fenton label history” you get some nice charts of the logos and labels, with the years they used them.

      They don’t specifically say it, but It sure sounds like they pretty much invented carnival glass from the write-ups!


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      Holly Barnes

      This is an excellent site. I really enjoyed paging through and seeing the bells, as well as other Fenton items. 😀


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