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      I just picked up a pair of large farm bells – one is 13-7/8″ in diameter, the other is 15-1/2″. They appear to be C.S. Bell products in that they are absolutely identical in appearance to the photos I have seen for the C.S. Bell farm bells (i.e. the “Old Time Farm Style Bell” as pictured on the Prindle Station website), but the yoke on these bells makes no mention of C.S. Bell, nor can I find any identification of the company elsewhere on the castings. The yoke of the smaller bell has the letters “USA” in capital letters on the left side of center, and the number 1 on the other. The larger bell is the same, but bears the number 2 opposite the USA. Both are complete, in very good condition, and quite obviously sand cast. The cradle of the larger bell bears the words “CRYSTAL METAL”, and the number 2. The smaller bell has the same words but lacks the number.

      I’d like to know two things: were these bells in fact manufactured by C.S. Bell, and is it possible to estimate the approximate age? I plan to gang them together to ring asynchronously from a single pull rope if I can make it work.


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      A mexico firm is makeing duplicates of the farm bells very similar to cs bells but most of them have a ring about midway up inside the bells they cast. I have seen them stacked up in a truck at the big flea markets. They are usually red rusted unless painted black. These bells are good quality and i have seen them sell on ebay as nearly as much as the old cs bells. Beware the ones coming from china because a firm is casting very thin walled and adorned around the outside lip. Their clapper is a spinning top shaped and it is set nearly halfway up in the bell and wont strike the lip probably being the wall is thin and they are afraid of their cheap bells cracking. The walls are brob 1/3rd inch thick and they have a very tinny like sound and it wont travel far as in ringing distance. Yours is better made and will value as time passes. Yours should have USA printed on the side of the yoke and its size number. I think they chose the name USA because the United States is a close neighbor and big and also that name(USA) is in public domain and they cant get sued by any foundry present or past. I think im right, if not someone correct me.

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      CS Bell never put USA on it’s bells. Some were trademarked for Montgomery Ward, Sears Roebuck, and other retailers of the early 20th century who sold them and some were not trademarked at all, just the size number and “steel alloy bell”. Most of the foundry’s bells were marked CS Bell (or CS Bell Co) Hillsboro O. Their design has been used by other foundries in recent decades which is why people mistake them for the originals. Yours were probably made within the last 10-15 years.

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